UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative Meetings in Paris • 8-10 April 2013

A meeting was hosted in Paris on 8-9 April on “Awareness raising on Life Cycle Approaches” by the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative. It attracted 30-40 attendees from a range of developing and developed countries, and a range of stakeholder groups including business, government, academia, and industry associations.

There was a dual purpose for the meeting – firstly to provide information to stakeholders about LC approaches, including the progress to date in the Initiative project, the future plans of the project and how it is potentially being seamlessly integrated into the 10YFP (which includes LC in its vision and criteria). The second purpose was to engage with stakeholders on next steps towards mainstreaming life cycle and resource efficiency issues in their countries, and to identify how the needs and expectations of this diverse range of stakeholders could assist with tailoring the future work of the Initiative and, where appropriate, the 10YFP. The meeting reinforced the value of and ongoing need for stakeholder engagement and capacity building on life cycle issues in both the public and private sector, particularly in developing economies. 

A related meeting was held on 10 April – the “Second International Meeting on Life Cycle Assessment: Quality Data Availability for Policy Making”, which was hosted by UNEP and co-chaired by the EC (DG Environment) at UNESCO. It was a follow-on activity to the ‘First Meeting on LCA in Policies’ held in Brussels on 11September and organised by the EC where participants agreed to continue the dialogue in six months time and requested UNEP to convene the second meeting. The delegates were principally from Government and research organisations and there were delegates from developing and developed countries, in particular Latin America was very well represented. One of the key outcomes of this meeting was a clear mandate to formalise the group and continue the work on international cooperation on LC data issues, as a distinctly separate process to the work already underway in the EC. There will be potential for the knowledge and network of experts within the UNEP/SETAC LC Initiative project to contribute to this developing body of work given the experience with developing the Global Guidance for LCA Databases.