2010 Events

Meetings of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative

UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative’s sessions took place back to back to the 20th SETAC Europe Annual Meeting Seville, Spain, 23 – 27 May, 2010

Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) from Water Use Annette Koehler and Emmanuelle Austin, Monday May 24th

Social Life Cycle Assessment – News on Methodological Sheets Andreas Ciroth and Sonia Valdivia, Monday May 24th

Launch of USEtox™ Michael Hauschild and Guido Sonnemann, Tuesday May 25th

UNEP/SETAC Database Registry Andreas Ciroth, Tuesday May 25th

Capability Maturity Framework for Business Tom Swarr and Bruce Vigon, Wednesday May 26th

Integrated Framework for Life Cycle Impact Assessment – a UNEP Proposal Guido Sonnemann and Sonia Valdivia, Wednesday May 26th

6th International Consultation on the ‘Global Guidance Process for LCA Databases Guido Sonnemann and Bruce Vigon, Wednesday May 26th

International Life Cycle Board (ILCB) Meeting Thursday May 27th

Related events and conferences

International Symposium on a Sustainable Future – featuring Life Cycle Thinking, Mumbai, India, January 11-13, 2010

SETAC Europe 16th LCA Case Studies Symposium – From simplified LCA to advanced LCA, Poznan, Poland, 1 – 2 February, 2010*

Swiss Discussion Forum on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) 2010 in Switzerland: Zurich on 20 April, in Ittingen on 22 June and in Lausanne on 19 November, 2010

SAM 4 International Seminar, Ecole des Mines de Nancy , 28th – 29th April, 2010, Nancy, France

CYCLE 2010 – 4th Canadian Forum on the Life Cycle Management of Products and Services, 4 – 5 May, 2010, Montréal, Canada

The 17th CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering: LCE 2010,19-21 May, 2010, Anhui, China 20th SETAC Europe Annual Meeting, 23 – 27 May, 2010, Seville, Spain*

II Latin-American Seminar on Life Cycle Analysis, 1 – 4 June, 2010, Santa Clara, Cuba

SETAC Asia/Pacific 2010 Conference, 4 – 7 June, 2010, Guangzhou, China

3rd International Conference on Eco-Efficiency and Eco-Innovation Modelling, Evaluation and Drivers for Sustainable Development, 9 – 11 June, 2010, Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands*

World Water Week, 5 – 11 September, 2010, Stockholm, Sweden

FENIX – 1st International Conference on Life Cycle Thinking, 14 September, 2010, Barcelona, Spain

2nd Announcement: FENIX – 1st International Conference on Life Cycle Thinking, 14 September 2010, Barcelona, Spain

7th International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment in the Agri-Food Sector, 22nd – 24th September, 2010, Università degli Studi di Bari, Italy

Meeting on Sustainable Consumption and Production and Integrated Product Policy, 6-7 October, 2010, Brussels‏, Belgium

OECD Global Forum on Environment, 25th – 27th October, 2010, Mechelen, Belgium

LCA X Conference: “Bridging Science, Policy and the Public”, 1st – 4th November, 2010, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

Going Green – CARE INNOVATION 2010, Schönbrunn Palace Conference Centre, 8 – 11 November, 2010, Vienna, Austria

EcoBalance 2010, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, 9 – 12 November, 2010, Tokyo, Japan*

First Brazilian UNEP Water Footprint Workshop (register by sending an e-mail to: sonia.valdivia@unep.org), 23 November, 2010, Florianopolis, SC, Brazil

Brazilian LCM Conference 2010, 24-26 November, 2010, Florianopolis, SC, Brazil