2002 Events

Barcelona Workshop on definition studies, in conjunction with SETAC/ ISIE LCA case study symposium, 1 December 2002 Workshop

Gateway to Life Cycle Impact Assessment for APEC Member Economies with AIST back to back to the 5th International EcoBalance ConferenceTsukuba, Japan, 7 November 2002 Workshop with SAE on LCM in the automobile sector Chicago, 22 August.

Johannesburg Workshop back to back with TC 207 ISO working group meeting on LCM for business, 12 June 2002 Study trip with ACE on LCM to StoraEnso, Sweden, 19 June 2002. For further information please contact Kevin Bradley.

Vienna Workshop on user needs, in conjunction with SETAC-Europe annual meeting, 16 May 2002 Workshops with ICMM/ APEC – GEMEED and NRCan on LCA and metals in Montreal, 15-17 April 2002

Launch of the UNEP/ SETAC Life Cycle Initiative by Mr. Klaus Toepfer, UNEP’s Executive Director, and Ms. Lorraine Maltby, President of SETAC Global, at the opening of UNEP’s Seventh High Level Seminar on Cleaner Production in Prague, 28 April 2002.