Consultation phase for feedback and comment on the resources developed under the second phase of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative Flagship Project ‘Hotspots Analysis and Sustainability Information’ has ended.

The flagship project aims to develop a flexible methodological framework for product and sector level hotspots analysis to support 10YFP stakeholders in their prioritization efforts to accelerate a shift Hotspots Analysis flagship projecttowards Sustainable Consumption and Production.

We look forward to receiving your views and comments on the resources developed and would also welcome any case studies/examples we could use to better illustrate the Methodological Framework and Communication Guidelines’ messages.

How to participate in the consultation

Having downloaded the relevant consultation documentation, there are two ways in which you can participate in the global consultation:

  1. Simple survey: Submit your general feedback via this survey – this will only take about 15 minutes and still makes your main points visible.
  2. Detailed comments: Provide specific comments on the resources produced, by line or by principle through this Excel worksheet – which also covers the general survey questions from above, therefore no need to do both. When complete please send the worksheet by email. Deadline is December 15.


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