The UN Environment Life Cycle Initiative supported by the SLC Alliance has conducted a revision of the Guidelines for Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) of products (S-LCA Guidelines) which was published in 2009. Social Life Cycle Assessment is a technique to assess the social impacts of products and organizations from raw material extraction to final disposal. Since the initial publication, the interest in social impact assessment of products and companies has dramatically increased. The S-LCA Guidelines and the methodological sheets have played a decisive role initiating the practice of Social Life Cycle Assessment, and substantial experience has been gathered through its application. Thus, it was clear that a revision was now needed, in order to incorporate new methods, experiences and to better guide the users wishing to perform a Social LCA.

The revision of the S-LCA Guidelines has two phases. The first phase consists in the revision of the 2009 S-LCA Guidelines. The second phase – the road testing phase – which started in November 2019, see us engage with companies and other organizations and apply the updated Guidelines on a range of products or organizations and industrial sectors. The revision of the S-LCA Guidelines is ongoing since 2017. The Steering Committee of SLC Alliance has now completed a V3 draft, based on comments received from members in the network. We are grateful for all valuable comments received, which has enabled us to improve the content substantially since the V2 draft.

We are now launching a public consultation, where all stakeholders are also invited to comment. This commenting period on the V3 draft is running from now until May 5. The result of the commenting process with be presented at the 7th Social LCA conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, on June 15-17.

Access the website where the V3 draft is posted, and where all comments on the draft will be handled.