‘Single-use plastic food packaging and its alternatives: Recommendations from Life Cycle Assessments’

The Life Cycle Initiative is issuing a Call for Proposals for a project that aims to assess the contribution to climate change, marine litter, and other environmental impacts of single-use plastic packaging and relevant alternatives (including reusable options) for 3 food product archetypes (e.g., dry produce such as cereals, pulses, or rice; quickly perishable fruit / vegetables; snacks such as chips and candy with single-use packaging, etc.). The study should provide clear guidance on how to interpret the results and what sort recommendations these could lead to for LCA practitioners, policy makers, and a general target audience.

Who can apply: Academia (Research Institutes and Universities), Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), Not-for-Profit Organisations (NPOs)
Project duration: 13 months (July 2021 –August 2022)
Project budget: The maximum budget for this project is USD 49,500. Co-funding and/or in-kind contribution to the project are expected from the applicant.

Download the relevant documents and use the templates provided submit your proposal by 31 May 2021:

1. Call for proposals
2. Annex A: Application template
3. Annex B: Gantt chart template

Invitation to share relevant literature or become a reviewer

LCA experts and relevant stakeholders (e.g., industry from the food packaging value chain; governments applying or developing policy on single-use plastic packaging; NGOs…) are invited to share relevant literature on this topic and or to become a reviewer for this publication. Literature and Expertise can be shared at any time, but preferably as soon as possible and by end of June 2021 so the input can be most effectively used in the meta-study. Please contact Angelique Vermeer.