The Business Case for Life Cycle Thinking is a compilation of success stories from diverse businesses the world over, illustrating the important role that life cycle thinking (LCT) has played in improving both companies’ environmental credentials and commercial results. The case studies presented are all testament to the myriad situations in which life-cycle approaches can help companies, large and small, overcome the challenges of the 21st Century to create win-win scenarios.

This compilation of cases makes reference to the growing adoption of LCT as a business strategy and to the role of the various approaches used in projects undertaken by UN Environment and the Life Cycle Initiative, notably: the Life Cycle Management Capability Maturity Model (LCM-CMM), organizational lifecycle assessment (O-LCA) and eco-innovation. The booklet shows how LCT can be integrated into evolving business models through these three related approaches. Having a broad range of methodological approaches optimizes the application process as these can cater to the diverse needs and capabilities of different companies.

The diverse cases presented here demonstrate the engagement of UN Environment and the Life Cycle Initiative in driving the integration of such approaches into business strategies with the goal of generating positive transformations.