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Welcome to our newest colleague, Dr. Feng Wang! We are pleased to announce that a new colleague has recently joined the Life Cycle Initiative: Dr. Feng Wang started working in the UNEP office in Paris in August 2015. Feng will serve as a Programme Officer and will manage projects in the areas of Life Cycle Thinking and Sustainable Consumption and Production. Feng holds a Doctorate Degree from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, on topics of eco-design and waste management of obsolete products. Before joining UNEP, he worked as a researcher in the United Nations University in Germany and a visiting researcher in Statistics Netherlands, to carry out projects on quantifying global flows and environmental impact of electronic waste, and to provide policy recommendations and technical solutions for developing countries. Feng has also worked as an environmental engineer in the recycling sector in China to set up pilot plants for emerging waste streams, and served as a trainer for several intergovernmental training programs and educational courses.

Guidance on Organizational Life Cycle Assessment” published — road testing to begin!

o-lca_cover-web(3.5.2015) Nearly 70 participants of the flagship working group have been drafting and validating the “Guidance on Organizational Life Cycle Assessment” over the past two years. The long-awaited publication is now available for download. The authors expect the guidance document to support a broader application of organizational LCA.

The next step is to road test the guidance document in about 10 real organizations. By applying Organizational LCA to those organizations we aim to proof the potential of the methodology, add more experiences and promote its further use, and test the clarity of the document.

For more information on the project, the guidance, and the road-testing phase, consult the flagship activity page.

Hotspots Analysis Flagship Project Update

(22.12.2014) As we approach the final few weeks of 2014, we are truly pleased to announce the release of the report: Hotspots Analysis: mapping of existing methodologies, tools and guidance and initial recommendations for the development of global guidance. This officially marks the completion of Phase 1 of the multi-year UNEP/SETAC’s Life Cycle Initiative Flagship Project – Hotspots Analysis, which began in May 2014. The second phase of this project will commence in early 2015 with a number of regional rapid-prototyping workshops to solicit feedback from key stakeholders. Additional details will be revealed soon. Stay tuned for more news in the upcoming months!

Final Countdown to SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting in Basel

(8.5.2014) The Life Cycle Initiative will be in Basel (12-16 May) with a number of key sessions and a booth in the exhibition. Check out our Basel page for full schedule details of sessions and mini-events at the booth.

New translation functionality added to the Life Cycle Initiative website

(22.11.2013) Users can now browse the Life Cycle Initiative’s website in their own local language by using the Google Translation widget in the right-hand sidebar. Curious to see how it works? Try it now!

Life Cycle Initiative launches two groundbreaking publications in Rome

An Analysis of Life Cycle Assessment in Packaging for Food & Beverage Applications S-LCA_cover_125 (12.11.2013) The Methodological Sheets for Subcategories in Social Life Cycle Assessment, (S-LCA) published today in a pre-publication version, supplement the Guidelines for Social Life Cycle Assessment of Products (2009). The methodological sheets were developed as a public resource to guide the application of S-LCA. The goal pursued by those sheets is to provide an hands-on tool for colleagues wishing to design and conduct S-LCA studies and provide detailed information on each of the subcategories introduced in the Guidelines, organized by stakeholder category. Read the report. An Analysis of Life Cycle Assessment in Packaging for Food & Beverage Applications  seeks to capture knowledge gained from previously completed relevant LCA studies to help focus and direct food and beverage packaging-related conversations and the design of future LCA studies on packaging systems, with the aim of improving the information transfer among executive leadership within companies, non-LCA users, LCA Practitioners, and/or commissioners. The analysis provides practical guidance to support decision making regarding environmental performance of packaging for food and beverage applications in order to address increasing expectations on the packaging industry. Read the report. Consult the launch presentation.

Welcome to our newest Life Cycle Initiative Secretariat Team Member

Llorenç Mila i Canals(01.10.2013) We are pleased to announce that a new colleague has recently joined the Life Cycle Initiative: Dr. Llorenç Mila i Canals started working in the UNEP office in Paris on the 26th August. Llorenç, holder of Doctor Degree in Environment Sciences from University Autonoma de Barcelona, has collaborated with the Life Cycle Initiative in the past as an expert on life cycle management and environment impact assessment. Before joining UNEP, he worked as a senior scientist for Unilever, UK, following several positions in academia. His research focused on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of biotic systems, particularly on impacts from the use of land and water resources. In addition to his role as UNEP lead coordinator of the Life Cycle Initiative, Llorenç will serve as science focal point for Sustainable Consumption and Production, and work on the LCA programme and scientific assessment of the International Resource Panel.

LCM-CMM Pilot Project Selection Announced

(20.09.2013) The Life Cycle Management Capability Maturity Model (LCM-CMM) Pilot project has selected 8 projects for funding out of the 22 received. The successful projects will be supported with a coach and mentor over the next 8-9 months to implement a life cycle based project. Learn more.

LC Net • Newsletter of the Life Cycle Initiative gets a make-over

(08.2013) In its July/August 2013 Edition, LC Net has been redesigned and includes new content sections. The new look and substance of the LC Net has been updated in order to provide more value-added to subscribers six times per year. The next edition will come out mid-to-late October. If you haven’t already subscribed, you can do so on any page of our website (right side of the page).

Life Cycle Management Capability Maturity Model (LCM CMM) Pilot Projects

(update 09.08.13) We are excited to announce a call for proposals from companies who are interested in implementing a project that adopts life cycle thinking… For more information, please visit our Call for Pilot Participation page. An FAQ and information on a special offer on life cycle database software has been added to the original web page.

Life Cycle Management Online Training Kit Launched

(03.2013) The Life Cycle Management Navigator informs learners on the appropriate selection, adoption and usage of today’s most important Life Cycle Management tools. A pilot project will put theory to practice.

UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative Meetings in Paris, 8-10 April 2013

A meeting was hosted in Paris on 8-9 April on “Awareness raising on Life Cycle Approaches” by the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative. It attracted 30-40 attendees from a range of developing and developed countries, and a range of stakeholder groups including business, government, academia, and industry associations. Learn more.

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