This is the global Life Cycle community

Our LC community map displays the names of thousands of LC practitioners around the world. Being on the map is an easy way to demonstrate your own participation and interest in LC thinking and practice. Please be patient as the map loads — the global LC community is pretty big 🙂

You can browse the map to locate like-minded people in your country and region. If you aren’t already ‘on the map’, you can put yourself there by clicking the sign-up link in the right-hand sidebar (scroll down). You’ll also be added to our LC Net newsletter mailing list.

people in the LC community
as of 12.11.17

Take your engagement to the next level

Individuals can have different levels of engagement with the Life Cycle Initiative. If you’re already in the LC community (and on the map), maybe you would like to take your level of engagement to the next level, and become an official and active Initiative member? Find more information on membership here.

Please be patient after clicking on the map. It will take more than 1 minute to open.