A Training Programme on Life Cycle Management Tools

Getting on Board - Defining Life Cycle Management and its Added Value

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Introduction to Life Cycle Management

This session starts by giving an introduction to Life Cycle Management. The presentation illustrates what Life Cycle Management (LCM) is about, which fundamental historical trends can be identified and which benefits LCM offers to business. The latter is shown by a series of examples. To make this part vivid and consequently credible for the participants, the challenge for the trainer is to relate the background information obtained in the previous session to the benefits of Life Cycle Management presented here.

Triple bottom line weather map

The second part of the session consists of an exercise, aiming at the identification and evaluation of those environmental issues considered most relevant for the companies of the participants. The "Environmental Weather Map" serves this purpose. In principle, the exercise is equivalent to Step 1 of "The Life Cycle Management Navigator", which will be introduced to the participants in session 6. However, at this point the participants are obviously not aware of this. The methodological idea behind is to familiarize the participants with "The Life Cycle Management Navigator" and to enable them to use it appropriately in business practice. To guarantee adequate training the different parts of the navigator are distributed step by step throughout the workshop.

TIPS for the trainer!
  • Relate benefits of Life Cycle Management to the specific situations indicated by the participants for an effective training!