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LC Net Focus

The 10 YFP CIP 

The Consumer Information Programme (CIP) is one of the six programmes being developed under the 10 Year Framework of Programmes (10YFP) on Sustainable Consumption and Production (10YFP), a concrete and operational outcome of Rio+20. The CIP serves as a global platform to support the provision of quality information on goods and services, and the identification and implementation of the most effective strategies to engage consumers in sustainable consumption. The programme is led by the governments of Germany and Indonesia, and by Consumers International. Life cycle approaches are the key element of this programme.

More specifically, the CIP covers work on life cycle based data, information and methodology to assess the life cycle impacts from goods and services. The UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative has led the development of life cycle approaches, data and information since 2002, and is a key partner, specifically with its activities on LCA databases and hotspots analysis methodologies.

For more information, contact the 10YFP CIP Coordinating Desk: Ian Fenn or Julie Godin, or the Hotspots Analysis flagship of the Initiative. 

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Our Calendar: Where we and our partners will be in the coming months

For a full calendar of life cycle events, see our Events page on our website.

1) Meetings on LCA in Policy and International LCA Database cooperation in South East Asia • 9-17 March 2015

The Initiative is involved in a series of meetings in South East Asia in early March as announced in previous issues of the LC Net: LCA in Policy Dialogue in Thailand; the 4th International Forum on LCA Cooperation in Malaysia, and the LCA in Policy Dialogue in Malaysia; and finally a workshop on “Introduction of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) in Indonesia” in Indonesia.

2) LCA Capacity Building event • Bhutan • 7-10 April 2015

A 3.5 day event is being organised in Bhutan in early April, including a half day session for government officials to raise their awareness of the usefulness of life cycle approaches in sustainable consumption and production policies, and 3 days of technical training with specific examples from sectors of interest (chemical; tourism) as well as hands-on LCA practical training.

3) Life Cycle Initiative events in SETAC-Barcelona conference • Barcelona, Spain • 3-7 May 2015

The SETAC Europe Conference in Barcelona will see several Initiative events e.g. around LCA Databases, LCIA indicators, and Organizational-LCA: Stay tuned for the upcoming SETAC-Barcelona Special Edition of the LC Net!

4) Training at CICLA 2015 • Lima, Peru • 13-16 July 2015

The Initiative is collaborating with the organisers of the next CILCA 2015 to deliver a training on Global Guidance Principles on LCA Database Management

5) Events at LCM 2015 • Bordeaux, France • 30 August-2 September 2015

Finally, several Life Cycle Initiative events are also being planned around the LCM 2015 Conference in Bordeaux, France: keep your eyes peeled for more information!

See the rest of the year’s events on our Upcoming Events page!

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A Look Inside - Profiling Our Sponsors & Partners

Partnering with the Initiative has never been more advantageous!

The Life Cycle Initiative has always welcomed partners and sponsors from the private, public and non-governmental sectors. We have recently reworked the sponsorship levels and benefits to collaborating with the Initiative, so there has never been a more advantageous time to coming on board. Join us in moving the Life Cycle agenda forward -- Consult the updated Sponsorship Brochure!

Flagship Activity Feedback - A selection

1) Pellston workshop on environmental indicators guidance: Opportunity for sponsors 

Environmental Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicators • Co-chairs Rolf Frischknecht and Olivier Jolliet

The flagship project on Global Guidance for Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicators and Methods is progressing fast in the organisation of a one week Pellston workshop planned to be held in Valencia, Spain in early 2016. The aim of the workshop is to provide the scientific ground for harmonised environmental impact indicators, which are suited for use in life cycle assessment studies. Task Forces that will be covered in the workshop include Climate Change, Respiratory Organics, Land use, Water use, and Crosscutting issues. 

The flagship project is looking for donors willing to sponsor working days of the Task Forces during the Pellston workshop: The fee for funding one Task Force day of your choice is US$ 5,000, half days are available at US$ 2,500. Please contact the Life cycle initiative secretariat [email protected] to reserve your Task Force day or for more information. More about the Flagship project. Consult the Int J LCA article on the Scoping Phase results.

2) Making sense of the minefield of footprint indicators

Environmental Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicators • Co-chairs Rolf Frischknecht and Olivier Jolliet

Last month, the footprint indicators Task Force of the Global Guidance for Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicators and Methods Flagship published an opinion paper on basic requirements for footprint indicators in Environmental Science and Technology (article accessible free of charge). This is the first step toward global guidance for developers of footprint indicators. This work is of high importance because businesses, policymakers and individual consumers are being faced with a proliferation of footprints based on different approaches that have the potential to report contradictory results for the same subject matter. This article, contributed by 23 authors, explains the relationship between footprints and LCA. It also presents defining attributes that should characterise all footprint indicators. More about the Flagship project.

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Flashback: Recent Life Cycle Initiative Events & Activity

Click 'Learn more' for more information and photos.

1) Workshop on “database improvement and upgrading to international standards” • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • 15-17 January 2015

The 3-day workshop, organized by SIRIM, gathered 30 Malaysian and Thai participants and focused on Malaysian and Thai national LCA database expansion, improvement and interoperability. Learn more.

2) Official Launch of UNEP / IBICT (Brazilian Institute for Information, Science and Technology) Partnership on LCA • Brasilia, Brazil • 20 January 2015

A high level launch for the partnership between UNEP and IBICT on LCA was opened by Alvaro Prata, Active Secretary of the Minister of Science, Technology and Information, Dr. Denise Hamu, head of UNEP Brazilian office, Mônica Messenberg, Director of institutional relations of National confederation of Industries (CNI) and Dr Cecilia Leite Director of IBICT. Learn more (link). Dr. Denise Hamu of UNEP, Mônica Messenberg, Director of institutional relations of National confederation of Industries (CNI), Dr. Cecilia Leite IBICT and Alvaro Prato, Active Secretary of the Minister of Science, Technology and Information. Learn more.

3) Workshop on “Populating national Brazilian LCA database” • Brasilia, Brazil • 21-23 January 2015

This workshop on "Populating national LCA database”, jointly organized by UNEP, IBICT and CEBDS, gathered 23 Brazilian participants and focused on populating Brazilian national LCA database through a practical workshop using openLCA as a practical tool to download, edit, upgrade and adapt datasets. Learn more.

4) Training workshop on the Global Guidance Principles for LCA Databases • Cape Town, South Africa • 3-4 February 2015

This 2 days’ workshop on “preparing elements for a roadmap of the South African Life Cycle Assessment Database” jointly organized by UNEP, UNESCO Life Cycle Chair on Climate Change and NCPC South Africa gathered 20 participants from South Africa. Learn more.

5) Training workshop on the Global Guidance Principles for LCA Databases • Istanbul, Turkey • 23-24 February 2015

The 2-day workshop on "Global Guidance Principles on LCA database development”, organized by the Boğaziçi University, gathered a total of about 30 participants from Turkish government (ministries of Science, Tehcnology and Industry; Energy; and Environment), industry (textile; energy; food; construction; waste…), and academia. Learn more.

6) Capacity Building Workshop on Life Cycle Assessment & Management for Sustainability • Colombo, Sri Lanka • 23-25 February 2015

The 3-day workshop on "Capacity Building on Life Cycle Assessment and Management for Sustainability”, was organized by LCADeSNet – Life Cycle Assessment and Design for Sustainability Network in Sri Lanka along with Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment with funding from the EC. It gathered a total of about 120 participants from Sri Lankan government and public bodies, industries and academia. The workshop set the building blocks for an Operational LCA Roadmap for Sri Lanka. Learn more.

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Life Cycle Jobs

The Life Cycle Initiative will soon be recruiting a Communications Consultant

The announcement will be posted to our Linkedin Group page before the end of the month of March. 

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Including abstract deadlines, publications, and other interesting news

1) 5th International Conference on Green and Sustainable Innovation (ICGSI 2015). 8-10 November 2015. Pattaya, Thailand.

Online abstract submission deadline is 30 June, 2015. Learn more at the Conference website.

2) Special issue on “New developments in Social Life Cycle Assessment”

The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment will edit a special issue on “New developments in Social Life Cycle Assessment”. The deadline for submission is June 30th, 2015. Details on the call for papers and on the submission

3) Indian Conference on Life Cycle Management (ILCM) 2015 • New Delhi, India • 14-15 September 2015

The Fourth edition of ILCM 2015 will be held from 14-15 September, 2015 back to back with ISO TC 207 meeting in New Delhi. Abstract submission deadline is 30 June 2015. Learn more at the Conference website.

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