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Basel Special Edition - From the SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting

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The flagship co-chairs are ready at the booth to answer participants' questions.

Join us at the Life Cycle Initiative Booth!

The SETAC Europe 24th Annual Meeting has kicked off today in Basel, Switzerland. Concurrent with the start of the event, the Life Cycle Initiative has, for the first time, a booth and is receiving participants in the exhibition at booth #35.

  • Flagship Activity leaders are on-site to answer questions and receive feedback on their activities. The schedule of these booth mini-events is on the LC Initiative's Basel web page.
  • A new interactive map of Life Cycle practitioners and networks (to be extended with events and policies) is being demonstrated. Click to register and put yourself on the map!
  • Latest publications will be on display and electronic versions can be uploaded to a USB key upon request

The LC Initiative will be posting updates via Twitter, as well as images and stories on its Facebook page over the course of the Meeting.

The LC Initiative will also hold several key sessions at the SETAC Meeting, and are described below.

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Our Schedule in Basel: Sessions and booth events

For a full calendar of upcoming life cycle events, see our Events page on our website.

1) Update on the Life Cycle Initiative's Phase III activities

13 May, 16:15-17:30, Congress Centre, Room: Sydney

The UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative invites the Congress participants to attend this special session where an update on the following Phase 3 flagship activities will be provided by the corresponding co-chairs or project group members: LCA of Organisations (Julia Martinez), LCA databases networking and dissemination (Guido Sonnemann), Capacity building (Sanjeevan Bajaj and Cassia Ugaya) and the cross-cutting area on communication (Ana Quiros). This session seeks to identify potential new partners motivated and willing to support some activities in 2014 and 2015.

2) Session on UNEP Consumer Information Programme & UNEP/SETAC project on ‘Hotspots Analysis’

14 May, 16.15 – 17.30, Congress Center, Room: Sydney

The co-chairs Jim Fava and Mark Barthel of the Life Cycle Initiative's Flagship Activity 3a, together with Sonia Valdivia (UNEP), invite the Congress participants to a joint information and consultation session on UNEP's recently launched Consumer Information Programme as part of the 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns (10YFP) and the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative's project on Global Principles and Practices for Hotspots Analysis. The session, which will focus on the interlinkages between the two projects, is specifically aimed at engaging and involving the audience to receive feedback on the proposed work.

3) Session on Global Principles and Practices for Hotspots Analysis

15 May, 8:00, Congress Center, Room: Shanghai 1/2

The co-chairs Jim Fava and Mark Barthel of the Life Cycle Initiative's Flagship Activity 3a invite all Congress participants to a presentation on "Global Principles and Practices for Hotspots Analysis". The presentation will provide an overview of the hotspots analysis methodology, introduce case studies and present the project's objectives and workplan.

4) Workshop on Developing Global Guidance for Environmental Life Cycle Impact Assessment

15 May, 17:30-21:00, Swisshotel (next to Congress Centre), Room: Helvetia 1

A multi-year global process on life cycle impact category indicators and methods has been launched as a flagship project of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative to create a consensual list of environmental impact category indicators embedded in a consistent methodological framework. The Basel workshop will start by an open session on Thursday, May 15th, to present the first year results for the different selected impact categories (global warming, land and water use, particulate matter, acidification-eutrophication, LCIA framework & LCA-based footprint) and get feedback from stakeholders. 

All stakeholders are welcome to participate in this session. The organizing committee would like to understand what the stakeholder needs are regarding impact indicators and relevant models/methods.  If you are interested to contribute to the process or to apply for the invited expert sessions on Friday the 16th, please contact Dr Olivier Jolliet ([email protected]) indicating "LCIA guidance" in your e-mail title.

5) Global guidance on environmental life cycle impact assessment indicators - Task Forces Workshop

(By invitation only)

May 16, 8:30-16:00, Congress Centre, Room: Rio

Goals of the workshop:

  • Discuss the evaluation of indicators and approaches related to the impact category
  • Establish/reconfirm work plan in view of Pellston workshop (late 2015)

6) 25th ILCB Meeting

May 15

Ten donors and a similar number of strategic partners from international organizations and the the regions (India, Brazil and Costa Rica) will meet on 15 May in Basel to get an update on progress achieved by the Life Cycle Initiative and provide guidance on next steps.

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1) Call for Abstracts - Upcoming Conferences

  • Indian Conference on Life Cycle Management (ILCM 2014) • 29-30 September 2014 • New Delhi, India • Call for abstracts is open, deadline: 1 July. Learn more.

2) International Summer School Course • Lecce, Italy

The 3rd edition of the course: "Life-Cycle Approaches to Sustainable Regional Development" will be held from July 7-11 2014, Maris Stella - S. Maria di Leuca (Lecce) Italy, application recommended by 15 May 2014

More information at:

Life Cycle Jobs

1) Assistant professor position on Life Cycle Assessment • Institute Polytechnique of Bordeaux, France

Basic knowledge of French language essential. More information at:  Look for: Recrutement Profil de poste en 62e section (not I2M)

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