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Expressions of Interest to participate in Flagship 1b on LCIA Indicators

The Co-chairs of Flagship Activity 1b on LCIA Indicators have indicated that they are still interested to engage experts to join the working groups. Find more information. Download the Expression of Interest form.

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Our Calendar: Where we'll be in the coming months

For a full calendar of life cycle events, see our Events page on our website.

1) Product Environmental Footprint and Global Guidance Principles for LCA Databases Workshop • Beijing, China • 6-7 March 2014

A training workshop will be held in China in March on Product Environmental Footprint the Global Guidance Principles for LCA Databases. More details will be posted on the Future Events web page as they become available. 

2) Water Footprint Workshop • Curitiba, Brazil • 24-26 February 2014

The Brazilian Life Cycle Association, the Federal University of Technology – Paraná and UNEP/SETAC (through the Life Cycle Initiative) is organizing a workshop on ‘environmental footprinting – water footprint’ in Curitiba, Brazil. Learn more.

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Flagship Activity Feedback

LCA of Organisations - Co-chairs Matthias Finkbeiner and Atsushi Inaba (Flagship 1c) 

The ‘LCA for Organizations Consultation (O-LCA) Workshop’ was held in Tokyo on 21 November 2013 and attended by about 160 participants notably from the Japanese private and public sectors with several key outcomes that will advance the UNEP/SETAC Guidance Document on O-LCA. Learn more.

Product Sustainability Information Meta-Guidance - Co-Chairs Jim Fava and Mark Barthel (Flagship 3a)

Based on input received during the LCM Conference 2013 and the International Life Cycle Board meeting in May in Gothenburg, Sweden, as well as during the 3rd Meeting of the International Network of Product Sustainability Initiatives on October 7th in Berlin, Germany, the project co-chairs Jim Fava (PE) and Mark Barthel (WRAP) have further revised the project's workplan. The project is now focussing on aspects around hotspot methodologies and envisions to provide guidance on how to conduct hotspot analysis and communicate the results. The work plan will be finalised ahead of the end of the year, at which time it is foreseen to engage partners and sponsors. Persons who expressed interest in this flagship activity will be contacted by February 2014, and it is currently envisaged to start implementing the project in early 2014. Learn more. 

Global Capability Development - Co-Chairs Cassia Ugaya, Sanjeevan Bajaj, Sonia Valdivia (Flagship 4a)

1. Training Programme on Public Procurement of Energy Efficient Appliances: New Delhi, 31 October 2013

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) organized this training programme for Government Procurement Agencies to discuss the use of Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) tools for promoting procurement of energy efficient appliances/equipments in government offices. The sessions covered public procurement policies in India, their implementation and the changes needed in procurement practices to promote energy efficiency. An awareness session on LCA/LCM was also included in the programme. The programme was attended by 33 participants handling purchase and procurement in various government departments and public sector undertakings.

2. India Glycols LCM-CMM Pilot Project Kick-off: Kashipur, Uttarakhand, 25-26 November 2013

The project was formally initiated on 25 November, 2013 in the presence of Shri MK Rao, Executive Director, India Glycols Ltd. After the introductory meetings, a workshop was organized to explain the LCM Capability Maturity Mode and its application in India Glycols. The workshop was attended by 32 senior officers from nine departments (HSE, Quality Control, QMS, R&D, Marketing, Production, Purchase, Technical Services, and Utility). In the words of the General Manager-HSE, India Glycols Ltd, “The programme was informative, and in line to understand the project approach at large by the participants.”

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1) Life Cycle Initiative launches two ground breaking publications in Rome 

We are pleased to announce that the Life Cycle Initiative We are pleased to announce that the Life Cycle Initiative has release 2 new ground breaking reports.

First, An Analysis of Life Cycle Assessment in Packaging for Food & Beverage Applications seeks to capture knowledge gained from previously completed relevant LCA studies to help focus and direct food and beverage packaging-related conversations and the design of future LCA studies on packaging systems, with the aim of improving the information transfer among executive leadership within companies, non-LCA users, LCA Practitioners, and/or commissioners. 

Second, the Methodological Sheets for Subcategories in Social Life Cycle Assessment, (S-LCA) were published in a pre-publication version, supplement the Guidelines for Social Life Cycle Assessment of Products (2009). The sheets assist in the design and conducting of S-LCA studies and provide detailed information on each of the subcategories introduced in the Guidelines, organized by stakeholder category. 

Download and read the reports.

2) Life Cycle Consultancy: Baseline Indicators

Seven applications for the consultancy relating to the development and monitoring of Baseline Indicators for Phase 3 activities were received and are being evaluated following the UN rules and regulations. All applicants will be contacted in due course. Preliminary results will be shared on Life Cycle Initiative website in early 2014.

3) Announcing Two New Linkedin Sub-Groups

Two new subgroups have been created for Russia and the Arab Region as part of the Life Cycle Initiative Group page. Another new network - the “LCA Turkey Network” - may interest some current Life Cycle Initiative group members.

NOTE: For members of the Life Cycle Initiative individual page, please keep in mind that all postings are made on the Group page, so please ensure that you have joined the Group page to be kept up to date.

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A Look Inside: Profiling our sponsors & members

Acknowledging our Existing Sponsors: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan (METI)

The Life Cycle Initiative would like to acknowledge its longstanding supporter METI, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Japan has a long history of using Life Cycle Analysis and has assisted other countries in the Asian region to develop their own life cycle capabilities. 

>> Consult the full list of sponsors of the Life Cycle Initiative.

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Flashback: Recent Life Cycle Initiative Events & Activity

Mexico City, 15-16 August 2013

1) Four Life Cycle Initiative Events • Lima, Peru • 14-18 October 2013

Four FAO/UNEP/SETAC workshops on Life Cycle Assessment, Water Footprinting, and Carbon Footprinting and Life Cycle Management were held in Lima. The workshop was attended by 40 participants from 10 countries in Latin America. Learn more.

Gothenburg, Sweden, 25-29 August 2013

2) Life Cycle Initiative Presentation • Lille, France • 4-5 November 2013

Three hundred participants from 24 countries attended the Lille conference. A keynote presentation on “Integration of life cycle approaches in the 10 Year Framework of Programmes of SCP” and a presentation on the Life Cycle Initiative's current Life Cycle Management Capability Maturity Model (LCM CMM) pilot project comprised the Life Cycle Initiative's programmatic contributions. Learn more.

Bangalore, India, 24-25 September 2013

3) Two Life Cycle Initiative Training Workshops (Carbon Footprinting) • Ankara & Istanbul, Turkey • 7-8 & 11-12 November 2013

The Life Cycle Initiative, in conjunction with the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (MoSIT), conducted two carbon footprint training workshops in Turkey in November. The first workshop on 7-8 November was held in Ankara, in Turkish. The second workshop on 11-12 November was held in Istanbul, in English. Learn more.

4) Roundtable Discussion • Rome, Italy • 11-13 November 2013

The 19th SETAC Europe LCA Case study Symposium was held in Rome on 11-13 November 2013 and was attended by about 200 participants from 25 countries, with an important contribution from the industrial sector. The Life Cycle Initiative participated in a roundtable discussion on "Harmonisation beyond standardisation", presenting the status of one of its flagship projects (on LCIA indicators) and launched two new publications on S-LCA and LCA for the food and beverage packaging sector. Learn more.

Lima, Peru, 14-18 October 2013

5) Life Cycle Initiative Presentation • Nashville, Tennessee, USA • 17-21 November 2013

The Life Cycle Initiative presentation "Why Globally Harmonized Life Cycle Impact Indicators and Methods are Neededprovided an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of a harmonized, consensual list of environmental impact category indicators embedded in a consistent methodological framework and a vision and plan for how such a system can be realised. Other relevant outcomes are being compiled and will be uploaded to the Initiative's website. Learn more.

6) International Workshop for Scope 3 Standard and LCA for Organisations (O-LCA)• Tokyo, Japan • 21 November 2013 

See Flagship 1C update above in "Flagship Activity Feedback".

7) Workshop on LC tools for SCP • Talca, Chile • 27 November 2013

The Life Cycle Initiative co-organised of a one-day workshop on LC methodological tools oriented toward sustainable consumption and production, in conjunction with the ProChile Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Council of Cleaner Production (CPL) and the Chilean Network of LCA. Learn more.

8) Water Footprint Training Workshop • Putrajaya, Malaysia • 4-5 December 2013

A Water Footprint Training Workshop was held in Malaysia in early December, organised in cooperation with Green Tech Malaysia. Learn more.

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Life Cycle Jobs


R&D Engineer at CRP Henri Tudor/CRTE

The CRP Henri Tudor of Luxembourg is currently seeking a PhD student in Environmental Accounting and Ecosystem Services. Learn more. 

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Secretariat of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative

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