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Flagship Activities' Expressions of Interest - Next steps

The deadline for submitting an expression of interest for involvement in Phase 3 Flagship Activities has now closed. The Life Cycle Initiative greatly appreciates the demonstration of support by the many individuals who offered their time to help move the agenda forward in life cycle related fields of knowledge. The expression of interest forms have been forwarded to the Flagship Activity Chairs, who will be in contact in due course.

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Our Calendar: Where we'll be in the coming months

For a full calendar of life cycle events, see our Events page on the website.

Mexico City, 15-16 August 2013

1) Four Life Cycle Initiative Events • Lima, Peru • 14-18 October 2013

The four workshops on Life Cycle Assessment, Water Footprinting, and Carbon Footprinting and Life Cycle Management are now full.  For more information on our next training event in Latin America, which will be held in Panama in June 2014, don't miss the March/April 2014 LC Net. Learn more.

Gothenburg, Sweden, 25-29 August 2013

2) Life Cycle Initiative Presentation • Lille, France • 4-5 November 2013

The Life Cycle Initiative will be making a presentation describing its Phase 3 Flagship Activities at the Third International LCA (avniR) Conference. Learn more.

Bangalore, India, 24-25 September 2013

3) Two Life Cycle Initiative Training Workshops (Carbon Footprinting) • Ankara & Istanbul, Turkey • 7-8 & 11-12 November 2013

Two Carbon Footprinting workshops are being held in Turkey. The first workshop on 7-8 November will be held in Ankara, in Turkish. The second workshop on 11-12 November will be held in Istanbul, in EnglishLearn more.

4) Roundtable Discussion • Rome, Italy • 11-13 November 2013

The Life Cycle Initiative will participate in a roundtable discussion on "Harmonisation beyond standardisation" during the 19th SETAC Case Study Symposium. Learn more.

Lima, Peru, 14-18 October 2013

5) Life Cycle Initiative Presentations • Nashville, Tennessee, USA • 17-21 November 2013

The 34th North American Annual Meeting of SETAC provides an opportunity for the Life Cycle Initiative to make a number of presentations related to its work to its constituents based in the Americas. In particular, a mini-workshop will be held as part of the Flagship project on LCIA (Flagship 1b).  Learn more.

6) Water Footprint Training Workshop • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • 4-5 December 2013

A Water Footprint Training Workshop will be held in Malaysia in early December. The event is being organised in cooperation with Green Tech Malaysia. Learn more.

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Flagship Activity Feedback

Environmental Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicators - Co-chairs Rolf Frischknecht and Olivier Jolliet (Flagship 1b)

Several stakeholder workshops have been held all over the world (Australia, Botswana, Indonesia, Sweden, USA) to obtain feedback on the proposed work plan and priorities. The feedback was generally very positive and affirmative including valuable recommendations and hints for improvements. Currently, the Task Forces on climate change, water use, land use, and eutrophication/acidification are being established. If you wish to be involved in any of these Task Forces, please contact the Life Cycle Initiative secretariat. See Our Calendar above for details of a workshop in Nashville, Tennessee. 

LCA of Organisations - Co-chairs Matthias Finkbeiner and Atsushi Inaba (Flagship 1c) 

A meeting is tentatively planned for late November 2013 in Japan to work on Scope 3/ Supply Chain and LCA for Organizations. If you wish to be involved in this Flagship Project please contact the Life Cycle Initiative secretariat.

Data and Database Management - Co-chairs Guido Sonnemann and Bruce Vigon (Flagship 2a)

The publication of the Global Guidance Principles (GGP) for LCA Databases in 2011 was just the starting point for implementation of the principles worldwide.  Elements of those implementation steps being conducted during Phase 3 of the Life Cycle Initiative including training (pilot of the hands-on training session will be on February 17, 2014 in Chengdu, China), networks (as per the Gothenburg meeting, where about 30 people from all regions participated with strong interest in organizing regional networks and linking or coordinating these into a global network) and conformance information sharing. Learn more.

Product Sustainability Information Meta-Guidance - Co-Chairs Jim Fava and Mark Bathel (Flagship 3a)

While hotspots analysis is proving to be a helpful and effective tool that assists in the identification of areas to be prioritized for action, there is currently no common approach to hotspots analysis. This project will involve the organization of a global process whose aim is to develop and agree on global principles and guidance through a consensus building process. Learn more. 

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1) New faces at the Life Cycle Initiative

We are pleased to announce that the Life Cycle Initiative now has 2 new team members based at the UNEP Paris office. 

Dr. Llorenç Milà i Canals joined the Life Cycle Initiative in August. He holds a Doctor Degree in Environment Sciences from University Autonoma de Barcelona and has collaborated with the Life Cycle Initiative in the past as an expert on life cycle management and environmental impact assessment. Learn more.

Tracey Colley joined the Life Cycle Initiative back in April. From Australia, she has a Masters in Environmental Engineering Science, a Masters in Engineering Science (Process Integration), an MBA in Technology Management and is the implementation coordinator for the ENRTP project on "increasing the resource efficiency of international supply chains".

2) Life Cycle Management Pilot Projects: 8 projects selected from 22 submissions from around the world

The Life Cycle Management Capability Maturity Model (LCM-CMM) Pilot project has selected 8 projects for funding out of the 22 submissions received. The successful projects will be supported with a coach and mentor over the next 8-9 months to implement a life cycle based project. The successful projects were from South Africa, Uganda, Cameroon, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and India. Learn more. 

3) Life Cycle Initiative Consultancy: Baseline Indicators

The Life Cycle Initiative's Phase 3 activities run from 2013 to 2017. Monitoring the success of our work requires the development and monitoring of performance indicators for which a baseline needs to be established. The Life Cycle Initiative is finalising the Terms of Reference (ToR) for a consultant to assist with establishing the baseline indicators monitoring system. The ToR will be available on the website in the News section once they are finalised, and consultants are encouraged to apply. Learn more.

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A Look Inside: Profiling our sponsors & members

Welcome to our new Gold Sponsor: Brazilian Life Cycle Association (Associação Brasileira de Ciclo de Vida – ABCV)

We are please to announce that a new gold member has joined the International Life Cycle Board: The Brazilian Life Cycle Association (Associação Brasileira de Ciclo de Vida – ABCV). ABCV is a national non-profit civil organization founded in 2002. The objective of ABCV is to facilitate the dissemination and consolidation of Life Cycle Management in the region by interacting with private and public organizations. ABCV is hence perfectly situated to support the Initiative's regional outreach activities in Latin America and will thereby help the Initiative with its objective to mainstream LCA on a global level. For more information on ABCV visit the website or send an email to [email protected] 

Acknowledging our Existing Sponsors: Federal Office for the Environment in Switzerland (FOEN)

The Life Cycle Initiative would like to acknowledge its longstanding supporter FOEN, the Federal Office for the Environment in Switzerland. Switzerland has a long history of using Life Cycle Analysis, with it's first publication on LCA nearly 3 decades ago. In 2000 FOEN was one of the leading co-funders of the Swiss Centre for Life Cycle Inventories “Ecoinvent”. For the Life Cycle Initiative, FOEN is a strong financial partner and is also active in supporting the management of the initiative. 

>> Consult the full list of sponsors of the Life Cycle Initiative.

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Flashback: Recent Life Cycle Initiative Events & Activity

1) First Seminar of Life Cycle Assessment in Mexico and Life Cycle Assessment Databases in Latin America • Mexico City, Mexico • 15-16 August 2013  

Activities were undertaken on two consecutive days, the first day covered life cycle assessment in Mexico. An international workshop on Life Cycle Assessment Databases in Latin America was held during the afternoon of the first day and entire second day. Learn more.

2) Two Events - Stakeholder Workshop on "Guidance on Environmental Indicators", "Practical Issues in Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment" and presentations • Gothenburg, Sweden • 25-28 September 2013 

A workshop on "Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) Indicators - Prioritization Criteria and Development of Characterization Factors" was held on 25th August, where the matrix with pre-selected indicators was reviewed with about 50 participants. Issues raised included land use transformation, water use, regionalisation and the involvement of developing countries. A revised version of the matrix will be prepared and used for consultation during the Orlando XIII LCA Conference. A workshop on 27th August on "Networking on LCA Databases" provided an update on the status of the Flagship Activity 2a on LCA Databases, and built an initial network with regional focus. Learn more.

3) Conference and Training Workshops (Water Footprint, USEtox) • Bangalore, India • 24-27 September 2013

The 2nd ILCM conference in Bangalore was held from 24 through to 27 September and was attended by more than 100 participants from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Mauritius, Australia, Mexico and Europe. The conference was preceded by two training workshops on 24 and 25 Sept: on USEtox (Model for ecotoxicity and human toxicity characterization factors) and Water Footprint. Learn more.

4) Presentation and Stakeholder Consultation workshop • Orlando, Florida, USA • 1-3 October 2013

On Thursday 3 October, the Life Cycle Initiative chaired a morning session that included 4 presentations, and an afternoon session to obtain stakeholder input on the LCIA flagship project. Learn more. 

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Life Cycle Jobs

Bureau Veritas CODDE (France) 

Bureau Veritas CODDE recherche un(e) consultant(e) confirmé(e) en Analyse du Cycle de Vie (ACV) et écoconception pour accompagner ses activités de conseil, de formation et d’audit auprès de ses clients français et étrangers, coordonner et participer aux activités de R&D (développement de bases de données ICV et outil EIME, partenariats industriels et institutionnels,...) ainsi que pour assurer des missions de gestion de projet en binôme avec les consultants juniors de la société dans leurs activités. Pour en savoir plus. 

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Secretariat of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative

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