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Members: Mark your calendars for the 2nd General Assembly of the Life Cycle Initiative on 27 September 2018 

On 27th September 2018, 11:30-15:00 (CEST), the Life Cycle Initiative will host its second online General Assembly, open to all members of the Initiative. We will use the opportunity to update members on the achievements of the past 12 months, discuss future activities, and explore cooperation among members.

Another important objective of the General Assembly is for members to elect 3 new members of the Steering Committee. As stipulated in the governance of the Initiative (Annexes 3.2 and 3.3 of the strategy document), one seat of each constituency in the Steering Committee (government, business, science & civil society) rotates every year. In order to respect the geographical representation rule, members from the following regions may opt for election to the Steering Committee:

• Government: Africa; Europe; North America; West Asia. 

• Business: Africa; Latin America and Caribbean; North America; West Asia. 

• Science & Civil Society: only INDIVIDUAL members from Africa; Asia/Pacific; Latin America and Caribbean; West Asia (Note: there are no open positions for institutional members of this constituency until next year).

Members who are based in the geographical scope mentioned above and interested to be a candidate to the Steering Committee election, please send an email to [email protected] with a short description of your motivation and qualification to be in the Steering Committee. Please send your candidacy email before Monday 10 September, 18:00 CEST.

For all members, please block your agenda for the General Assembly on September 27, 2018 from 11:30-15:00 (CEST), and look for more details in the next newsletter, which will be delivered to your inbox in early September.

Remember: membership registration is open throughout the year. You or your institution can join by downloading, completing and returning a signed membership application form to [email protected].


Pellston Workshop® on Global Guidance for Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicators and Methods, Volume 2: Feedback

Following on the successful first set of recommended life cycle impact indicators by the Life Cycle Initiative, a second Pellston Workshop® was held in Parador El Saler in Valencia, Spain in late June 2018 to further provide “Global Guidance for Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicators and Methods”. The goal of the workshop was to reach consensus on recommended environmental indicators and characterisation factors for Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) in the areas of human toxicity, ecotoxicity, acidification and eutrophication, soil quality and related ecosystem services, mineral resources, as well as crosscutting issues. The workshop built on an extensive two years’ preparation work.

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Call for proposals on developing two e-learning modules

Under the project REAL (funded by the European Commission) and in collaboration with the Life Cycle Initiative, UN Environment is releasing a call for proposals to develop two e-learning modules for:
1. The application of Life Cycle Thinking in policy decision-making
2. The application of Life Cycle Thinking in business decision-making

The module should help participants obtain broad knowledge on life cycle approaches and develop an understanding of why and how to assess the impacts for any given decision, including examples of life cycle based tools used in policy and/or business contexts. The benefits of applying such tools should be clear by the end of the learning experience.

Interested organisations may submit a proposal to Kristina Bowers, Programme Officer, UN Environment before 14 August 2018

>> More information on the e-learning Call for Proposals


Call for proposals on support of country efforts on Development of National LCA Databases

Under the project REAL (funded by the European Commission) and in collaboration with the Life Cycle Initiative, UN Environment is releasing a call for proposals to support 3 countries (e.g. on developing national LCA database roadmaps, or more advance technical support), as well as to further develop the Technical Helpdesk for National LCA Databases.

Interested organisations may submit a proposal to Kristina Bowers, Programme Officer, UN Environment before 14 August 2018.

>> More information on the National LCA Databases Call for Proposals.

Updates on Life Cycle Initiative projects

New projects in the Life Cycle Initiative portfolio

The Steering Committee of the Life Cycle Initiative approved three new projects in April 2018: 1) Linking UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to life cycle impact pathway frameworks; 2) Life Cycle Costing for Sustainable Public Procurement; and 3) Social LCA. This edition of the LC Net provides some insight on the project “Linking the UN Sustainable Development Goals to life cycle impact pathway frameworks”:

Linking the UN SDGs to life cycle impact pathway frameworks

The project aims to develop a clear linkage between the top-down process that led to the creation of the SDGs and all the bottom-up knowledge, data and methodology in the Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment. This project will provide an actionable and rational method for businesses and governments to integrate the SDGs into decision making and monitoring, and will therefore contribute substantially to streamline and coordinate action and increase efficiency in implementing the 2030 Agenda. Through its co-development and capacity development activities, the project provides policy makers, business decision makers, and LCA practitioners new tools to enhance the effectiveness of their decision making and strategy development. The outcomes will also be applicable for streamlining and harmonisation of sustainability reporting. The project is managed by 2.-0 LCA and PRé Consultants.

Next step: The project will organise its first stakeholder workshop in Pescara, 10–12 September 2018 (back to back with the social LCA conference). This workshop is by invitation only, but please please contact us if you are interested in participation.

>> More information on the project


Update on the National Hotspots Analysis project

The project, implemented with technical support form WU Vienna and CSIRO, aims to develop and pilot a methodology and tool that can help countries design science-based policies for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP). The SCP Hotspot Analysis Tool (SCP-HAT) will support prioritisation of the sectors or intervention areas with the greatest potential in terms of reducing environmental impacts and enhancing socio-economic outcomes, including across borders (i.e., considering imports / exports).

An online version of the tool is currently being developed with a preliminary set of environmental and economic data and, from the end of July, will be tested in three pilot countries (Argentina, Kazakhstan, and Ivory Coast). Early progress will be presented to an audience of governmental focal points during the high-Level Policy Forum in New York on the 12th of July. This tool is planned to be made available to the public by the end of 2018.

Event feedback and activity updates

The Gordon Research Conference on Industrial Ecology

May 20–25, 2018 • Les Diablerets, Switzerland: The Life Cycle Initiative participated at the Gordon Research Conference on Industrial Ecology with a plenary speech on “Data and Metrics to Inform Progress toward Sustainable Development”. Additionally the new strategy of the Life Cycle Initiative was presented to engage the scientific community with the on-going projects of the Initiative: such as the Global LCA Data Access Network (GLAD) and the consensus building for impact assessment indicators (GLAM project).


Connecting Expert Communities to Address Marine Litter in Life Cycle Assessment

May 22–23, 2018 • Brussels, Belgium: The Life Cycle Initiative contributed to the workshop on addressing marine litter with life cycle approach, which was organised by the Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation and the Ibero-American Life Cycle Network, funded by PlasticsEurope and Braskem. The workshop was organized as a follow-up action to the Medellin Declaration on Marine Litter in Life Cycle Assessment and Management. Major opportunities and challenges in incorporating the issue of marine litter into LCA were identified. Participants concluded that there is a huge urgency to address the issue. The workshop calls for collective actions on developing life cycle inventory and impact indicators related to marine litter and marine plastics.


Brazilian Conference on Life Cycle Management (GCV2018)

June 17–20, 2018 • Brasilia, Brazil: The 6th edition of the Brazilian Conference on Life Cycle Management was held from June 17 to 20, 2018, in Brasília, organized by the Brazilian Institute of Science and Technology Information (IBICT) and the Brazilian Life Cycle Association (ABCV), with cooperation from the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar). GCV 2018 central theme was: "Management of Technological Information for Sustainability". GCV2018 addressed themes such as Database and Public Data in LCA, LCA and Public Policies, Life Cycle Management and Industry 4.0, LCA in Brazilian Industry, and some Emerging Topics such as Social LCA and Circular Economy.

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LCA Awards

Since 2002, the Life Cycle Initiative has contributed to enhance the capacities and skills on Life Cycle approaches worldwide. As part of these activities, the Life Cycle Initiative launched the 2017 LCA Awards scheme in June at CILCA 2017 in Medellin, Colombia.

We received 62 applications under the scheme, out of which 44 were accepted for implementing practical projects from July 2017 to July 2018. Watch this space for more news on the results of the implemented projects.


Uganda LCA Network launched!

The Life Cycle Initiative has been providing support and advice in various countries to set up LCA networks for further strengthening of LCA activities in different regions. During February-March 2016, meetings were co-organized with support of local Bureau of Standards and local LCA practitioners in three East African countries: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Since then local practitioners in these countries have been working towards formally setting up their own networks. As a result of these activities, the Uganda LCA Network has been launched in April 2018 as a leading network of professionals of international repute in conducting Life Cycle Assessment studies. The Life Cycle Initiative congratulates the members of the Uganda LCA Network, and much success!

>> Read more.

Life Cycle in Action: Case studies from our network

Applying Life Cycle Thinking in Business: The case of Banco de Mexico

Banco de México, Mexico’s central bank, occupies a crucial space in the daily lives of Mexico’s 130 million inhabitants. Through the regulation of monetary policy, this operationally autonomous entity strives to maintain the purchasing power of the national currency and, just as crucially, provides the Mexican peso “in the quantity, denomination and geographical distribution demanded by the public”.

It is in the production and distribution of its millions of banknotes that the Banco de México is especially active in environmental terms, having only recently taken big steps to introduce Life Cycle Thinking to the world of banking in Latin America and conducting an assessment of all organizational activities of Complejo Legaria. This activity was undertaken as part of the road-testing of the Guidance on Organisational LCA.

>> Read the full LCA Success Story.

Our Calendar: where we and our partners will be active

 II Chilean Conference of LCA | August 8-10, 2018 | Santiago, Chile

The Chilean Conference of LCA will be organized by the Chilean Network of LCA (RedACV Chile) with the support of the Ibero-American Network of LCA (RICV), and in collaboration with national agencies and international organisms. 

>> More event details

1st Life Cycle Innovation Conference - LCIC 2018 | 29-31 August 2018 | Berlin, Germany

The 1st Life Cycle Innovation Conference is organized by the Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation e.V. and will bring together a diverse crowd of change-makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, practitioners and decision-makers who share a passion for sustainable innovation. 

>> More event details

International Conference on Social Life Cycle Assessment |  10–12 September 2018 | Pescara, Italy

The University “G. d’Annunzio” of Pescara-Chieti, in collaboration with Ecoinnovazione srl, is organising the 6th International Conference on Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA). The theme of the conference is “Social LCA: People and Places for Partnership”. 

>> More event details

Coinciding with the conference, the Life Cycle Initiative will organise two workshops related to our projects: 

1) Workshop on the Revision of the S-LCA Guidelines

A SLCAlliance/ Life Cycle Initiative workshop will be held on September 12-14th at the University of G. D’Annunzio in Pescara, Italy, back–to-back with the 6th International S-LCA Seminar! Register for the workshop, and find more information.

2) Stakeholder workshop on linking life cycle thinking to SDGs

As introduced in the project section of this newsletter, a stakeholder consultation workshop on linking life cycle thinking to SDGs will take place as a side event of the International Conference on Social Life Cycle Assessment and is invitation only. This workshop will establish an agenda for the project, to understand the context of how SDGs are being used by decision makers, how LCA-based metrics can contribute to that, the requirements and wishes of the various stakeholders, and the need for capacity building. If you are interested in participating, please contact the workshop organisers for more information.

Argentina’s Annual Life Cycle National Meeting | 4-5 October 2018 | Rosario, Argentina

The VI Argentine Meeting of Life Cycle and V Meeting of the Argentine Network of Water Footprint, ENARCIV-2018, will be held at the Amphitheater of the Faculty of Agrarian Sciences, National University of Rosario (Parque Villarino, Zavalla, Santa Fe) on October 4 and 5, 2018.

>> More information

Indian Life Cycle Management Conference (ILCM) | 4-5 October 2018 | New Delhi, India

Join the Life Cycle Initiative Steering Committee member, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in association with India LCA Alliance, as they host the 7th edition of the Indian Life Cycle Management Conference (ILCM) later this year. 

>> Download the conference brochure
>> Contact the organizers

Ecobalance 2018 October 9-12 Tokyo, Japan

The Institute of Life Cycle Assessment Japan is hosting the 13th Biennial International Conference on EcoBalance the theme being, “Nexus of Ideas: Innovation by linking through life cycle thinking.”  

>> More information

11th International Conference Life Cycle Assessment of FOOD |17-19 October 2018 | Bangkok, Thailand

The 11th International Conference Life Cycle Assessment of FOOD 2018 is organized by KU-JGSEE-NSTDA-FTI, Thailand in conjunction with 6th LCA AgriFood ASIA and 7th ICGSI: International Conference on Green and Sustainable Innovation from 17-19 October in Bangkok.

>> More event details
>> Contact the organizers

3rd International Conference Series on Life Cycle Assessment (ICSoLCA) | 24-25 October 2018 | Jakarta, Indonesia

Life Cycle Initiative member ILCAN, is hosting the 3rd Conference on Life Cycle Assessment in October 2018. Organized by the University of Indonesia, the conference will be held in collaboration with the Centre of Environment and Forestry Standardization within the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF). The theme of this event is “Life Cycle Assessment as a Metric to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals”. 

>> More event details

6th International Seminar of the Ibero-American Network of LCA | 24-26 October 2018 | Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The 2018 RICV Seminar will be held in the city of Tegucigalpa, from 24 to 26 of October.  The Seminar is being organized by the Honduran Life Cycle Network main co-founders: the National Council for Sustainable Development (CONADES), CICOMER and LAC Footprint Initiative. The Seminar is being supported and co-organized with the RICV,  the support and collaboration of the Life Cycle Initiative and UN Environment with the dissemination of this Seminar and other international organizations.

For more information please contact Xiomara Cubas or Svetlana Samayoa.
>> Event website:

Latin American Congress of Eco-design (EcodAl 2018) | 29-31 October 2018 | Cholula (Puebla) Mexico

EcodAl, the Latin American Congress of Eco-design will take place in México, from 29 to 31 October. Our motto: Kuali Nextiyotl, Nahuatl expression for “good design”; a good design that aims to lower the environmental footprint of products and services, through life cycle assessment.

Deadline for submission of abstracts is May 15. Themes include: eco-design, life cycle assessment, education, FabLab, ancient technologies, behavioral design for sustainability and much more.

>> Event website:

>> Contact the organizers 

You can also consult our Events page for more information about the events above. Is there an event coming up in your area? Just let us know and we'll add it to our list.

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