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LC Net Focus

Upcoming publication on “The Global Guidance for Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicators”

Since the successful celebration of the Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) indicators Pellston Workshop™ in Valencia (Spain, 24-29 January 2016), the project team has been working hard to deliver the workshop publication for its launch in EcoBalance conference in early October.

The Global Guidance for Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicators 1 is aimed at LCA practitioners and method developers. It is the result of an over two-year process of consensus building and consultation among world-leading experts and stakeholders. More specifically, the publication provides significant progress in a variety of impact areas: climate change; health impacts of fine particulate matter; water use impacts; and land use impacts on biodiversity. 

What makes this guidance so special is the global consensus-building process, and its endorsement by an international partnership.

More information.

Life Cycle in Action: Case studies from our network

Better coffee, in every way

Finca Mountain Villa Rica is a family company that cultivates, produces and exports Peruvian coffee for national and international markets. Already aware of the need to address its environmental impact both for the planet and to improve business performance, this SME benefited from the UNEP / SETAC Life Cycle Initiative’s “Life Cycle Management - Capability Maturity Model” (LCM-CMM) project, designed to help SMEs implement a life cycle approach.

A strong management commitment for sustainable practices, which are directly linked to the company’s branding strategy and value proposition to customers seeking speciality coffees, were key factors of success.

This pilot project enabled Finca Mountain Villa Rica not only to reduce its water use, coffee pulp waste and energy costs, but also to increase yields – as much as 30-40%!  as well as quality of the coffee.

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Including abstract deadlines, publications, and other interesting news

Call for participants for a session on Developing African LCA Networks and Capabilities during SEED Symposium

29 September, 2016, Nairobi, Kenya

The Life Cycle Initiative will organize a session on Developing African LCA Networks and Capabilities during the SEED Symposium (29 September 2016, Nairobi, Kenya). The overall objective is to provide a platform for African practitioners and professionals interested in Life Cycle approaches, to learn more about the topic and the Life Cycle Initiative’s work in this area. Participants will also get an opportunity to interact and network with other organizations and individuals active in life cycle related work and the recent LCA network building activities around the world.

If you want to register and attend this session, please contact Dr. Sanjeevan Bajaj.

Call for participants for a 2-day training in life cycle thinking and eco-innovation

19-20 October, 2016, New Delhi, India

UNEP organizes a 2-day training on life cycle thinking and eco-innovation, as part of the ‘Resource Efficiency through Application of Life cycle thinking’ (REAL) project in the Asia-Pacific region. The training will occur in New Delhi on 19 and 20 October 2016, following the Indian Life Cycle Management conference. Financial assistance is available for up to 10 participants in the Asia and Pacific region to support travel and accommodation. Please apply to join this training through the link below: the deadline for submission is Friday 16 September.

More information.

Our first E-learning Module: Introduction to Life Cycle Thinking

Want to learn everything about life cycle thinking in a few hours? The first e-learning module developed by the Life Cycle Initiative: Introduction to Life Cycle Thinking, will be launched by the end of September 2016. This E-Learning Module Kit is based on materials of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative, and it aims to help participants obtaining an overview of life cycle approaches and develop understanding on how to assess the impacts for any given sustainability issue considering all life cycle stages. The module also guides on which kind of LCT tools are to be used for which purpose. This module contains four components: an overarching introduction to life cycle thinking (1), and its applications in public policies (2), businesses (3) and by consumers (4) respectively.

Please follow us on Twitter and Linkedin for more updated information soon.

UNEP/UNITAR virtual training “Introduction to Sustainable Consumption and Production in Asia”

A joint e-learning course “Introduction to Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in Asia” will be launched in early October 2016, by UNEP and UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research). This virtual training is organized as part of the ‘Resource Efficiency through Application of Life cycle thinking’ (REAL) project in the Asia-Pacific region.

Participants will learn about different concepts and facets of SCP, as well as regional, national and sector-specific challenges and opportunities to implement policies for SCP. Additionally, participants will begin to develop basic skills for applying the SCP concept in a real world professional context, both for the private and public sectors.

There will be opportunities for participants to develop pilot projects related to the application of SCP and life cycle thinking, with seed-funding provided by the project.

Please follow us on Twitter and Linkedin for more updated information soon.

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Our Calendar: Where we and our partners will be in the coming months

22nd SETAC Europe LCA Case Study Symposium / 20-22 September / Montpellier, France.

The overarching theme of this year's symposium will be “Life Cycle Innovation for the transition to a sustainable society”. The scientific programme of this Symposium will provide every opportunity to share and learn about business practices, application experiences and challenges, LCA’s increasing role in governance, and the latest developments in methodology and teaching of LCA.

 Consult the official event website.

LCM Brazil 2016 / 20-23 September / Fortaleza, Brazil. 

The overall objective of CBGCV is to bring together students, researchers and professionals working or interested in life cycle management to discuss and evaluate applications of life cycle management in Brazil and the world. (For example, inventory and assessment impacts, life cycle thinking in strategic planning, life cycle Design, sustainable procurement, etc.).

 Consult the official event website.

LCA XVI / 27-29 September / Charleston SC, USA. 

The conference covers comprehensive contents about Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), for new comers to the topic as well as for LCA experts. It provides the opportunity to learn about the state of the art and meet fellow practitioners, with practical learning and insights from over 60 speakers. Attendees will include people from industry, academia, government and NGOs, and and numerous occasions to network.

 Consult the official event website.

Ecobalance 2016, the 12th Biennial Conference on EcoBalance / 3-6 October / Kyoto, Japan. 

This biennially conference series is about methodologies and practices for sustainability based life-cycle thinking. The 2016 theme, “Responsible value chains for sustainability” invites exploration of efforts at tackling challenges for embodying responsible value chains in business, compatible with value creation for companies and society. Solutions to such challenges incorporate scientific knowledge and evidence, involving diverse stakeholders such as industries, consumers, governments, academia, and investors.

The Life Cycle Initiative will have a strong presence in this conference, launching two reports (one on LCIA indicators and one on a global mapping of LCA networks). Experts from the Flagship Project Environmental life cycle impact assessment indicators will have a full session presenting the results from the Valencia Pellston WorkshopTM on consensus building of LCIA indicators. The Life Cycle Initiative’s work on hotspots analysis and organisational LCA will be presented in separate sessions as well.

 Consult the Life Cycle Initiative's schedule of sessions.

LCA in Sustainable Tourism: Workshop / 13-14 October / Paris, France. 

UNEP and UNESCO Chair on Life Cycle and Climate Change (at the International Trade Business School, ESCI, Barcelona) will co-organize an Expert Group meeting on Key Environmental Indicators in the Tourism Private sector, taking place during 12-13 October in Paris France (by invitation only). International experts on LCA, sustainable tourism, SDGs and climate agenda, and representatives from the tourism private sector, academia, international organizations, destination managers, consulting companies and associations working on relevant topics will gather together.

The workshop will help to produce an international consensus on how to evaluate environmental indicators that could be relevant to current practice in the tourism private sector, to explore common issues and challenges, and to identify key and suitable indicators based on life cycle/hotspots approaches, as well as to provide advice on methodologies for deriving indicators and for the integration, visualization and communication of indicators.

If you are interested in participating in this meeting, please contact Dr. Feng Wang.

CYCLE 2016 -- 5th edition of the International Forum on the Life Cycle Management of Products and Services: Implementing sustainability through life cycle thinking / 13-14 October / Montreal, Canada. 

CYCLE 2016 is a meeting place to discuss recent developments and trends in the life cycle field and promote exchanges between social stakeholders including academia, businesses and governments. The rich variety of presentations and topics featured can interest both decision-makers and practitioners concerned with life cycle tools. 

 Consult the official event website.

Indian Conference on Life Cycle Management (ILCM) 2016 / 17-18 October / New Delhi, India. 

This fifth edition of ILCM is organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and endorsed by the UNEP/ SETAC Life Cycle Initiative. The ILCM Conferences are the only Indian events at which focuses on Life Cycle Thinking. The conference will include special sessions, advanced trainings, social events, and workshops proposed by life cycle experts.

 Consult the official event website.

LCA in Foods / 19-21 October / Dublin, Ireland. 

The four main themes of the conference are Impacts and Environmental Processes, Animal Products: Meat, Dairy & Seafood, Human interactions in the food chain; and Using LCA. The scene will be set with keynotes by some of the world’s leading experts on the topic. Networking opportunities will be organised for scientists, professionals and practitioners to meet and discuss new developments in life cycle assessment in the context of agrifood systems. While maintaining the tradition of scientific quality, organisers will indeed endeavour to promote connections between industry, academia and policy makers at the conference.

 Consult the official event website.

2nd ILCAN Conference Series on Life Cycle Assessment 2016 / 2-3 November / Tangerang, Indonesia. 

The conference is a part of ILCAN conference series after the first one successfully held in 2015. It will provide a forum for academia, government and private sectors to share their research results and meet others who work in the same area. This conference addresses LCAN’s objective to promote LCA application in Indonesia, through a network to share information and to build capacity on LCA to interested parties in academia, government, and industry.

 Consult the official event website.

1st Southern African Life Cycle Assessment Colloquium / 7-8 November /Cape Town, South Africa

University of Cape Town (UCT) and National Cleaner Production Center (NCPC) of South Africa will hold the 1st Southern African Life Cycle Assessment Colloquium to be held at the University of Cape Town, November 7-8 2016.  The event is organized as a part of LCI component of the Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI) programme. The LCA colloquium aims to bring together Southern African LCA practitioners and researchers, in order to discuss the assessment of environmental and social life cycle performance of production and consumption, LCAs applications in various sectors, and share experience on capacity building and data collection efforts. Please participate in this colloquium by submitting your 300 words abstract by 23 September 2016. 

Please find the call for abstracts here.  

[avniR] Conference / 8-9 November / Lille, France

[avniR] conference is the time for businesses, industries, academics and consultants worldwide; to comprehend Life Cycle Management and their applications towards a sustainable 21st century.  The 2-day conference brings together iconic leaders, managers, engineers, communication and LCA consultants, from a wide range of sectors: textiles, construction, food, transportation, recycling etc. The main aim of the conference is to share prospective, experiences and challenges in moving businesses forward. Also to co-build methods and tools to operationalize Life Cycle Thinking. The event is the key to strengthen the links between stakeholders and to evolve current business models to new ones (e.g. circular economy) and build a successful eco-transition!

Consult the official event website.

Journée ADEME "From Agribalyse to eco-conception", technical day / 9 November / Paris, France

Organised by ADEME and its partners, this event offers the opportunity to know more about the AGRIBALYSE programme, a LCA database for agrifood products. This database is meant for professionals from the agrifood sector to better understand how LCA data can be used for eco-conception.

 Consult the official event website.

CILCA 2017 / 12-15 June 2017 / Medellin, Colombia

The Ibero-American Network of Life Cycle, the Colombian Network of Life Cycle and the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative are organizing the seventh edition of the International Life Cycle Conference in Latin America (CILCA for its acronym in Spanish) from June 12 to 15 of 2017 in Medellín, Colombia. The central topic will be Life Cycle Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals and the call for abstracts will be open soon at the event’s website.

 Consult the official event website.

You can also consult our Events page for more information about the events above. Is there an event coming up in your area? Just let us know and we'll add it to our list.

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Associate Professor / Professor in Environmental Management, Massey University

Massey University has a position available for a senior academic in Environmental Management. This is a permanent position based on Palmerston North, and the successful candidate will work on environmental management and agricultural issues. Get more details

Postdoctoral Researcher/ Primary raw materials management in life cycle sustainability assessment, Ghent University 

A 2.5 year full-time postdoctoral researcher position is offered at Ghent University, with a 6-month secondment/posting at Leiden University. Please send your CV and motivation letter to Prof. Dr. Ir. Jo Dewulf before 6 October 2016. Get more details.

UNEP staff positions in Q4 2016

There will be a series of staff position announced in the Q4 of 2016. These positions are based in the UNEP RIVU unit (Responsible Industry and Value Chain) in Paris, working on various topics linked to life cycle thinking, such as eco-innovation, eco-labelling and sustainable value chain etc. In the coming months, please keep a close eye on the UN Career Website (

Please follow us on Twitter and Linkedin for more updated information soon. 

Have you got a job to broadcast to over 4000 readers? Let us know.

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