Upcoming events

logo_lci_tiny indicates a Life Cycle Initiative event or session.


  • Indian Conference of Life Cycle Management. 29-30 September 2014. New Delhi, India.
    • New! Regional training workshops in New Delhi in conjunction with the ILCM Conference
    • 26 September: Sustainable Public Procurement and Life Cycle Costing
    • 27 September: LCA Databases
  • 1st Morocco Seminar on Environmental Footprinting. 2 days between 13 to 17 October 2014 (TBC). Rabat, Morocco
  • LCA XIV. 6-8 October 2014. San Francisco, USA.
    • Life Cycle Initiative presentations on Global Hotspots Analysisand Organizational LCA; 26th International Life Cycle Board on 9 Oct.
  • 11th Annual Ecobalance Conference. 27-30 October 2014. Tsukuba-City, Japan.
    • Life Cycle Initiative session: ‘The Practical Challenge for Sustainable Industry – Organizational LCA (O-LCA): Concepts and Methodologies’ on 29 Oct chaired by Atsushi Inaba and Matthias Finkbeiner 
    • ILCB Gathering (date to be confirmed).
  • 1st Russian Seminar on LCA. Saint Petersburg, Russia. (Dates to be confirmed)