The Life Cycle Initiative has launched a Call for Proposals for a project that aims to develop a methodological framework to map the plastics value chain and identify priority actions at national level, with a focus on marine plastics.

This project is expected to map the plastics value chain for identification of hotspots related to the issue of marine plastics based on a common methodology in a case study country. This will provide both a methodological guidance on how to map the plastics value chain related to marine plastics and it will also create new knowledge on the transport and distribution pathways as well as on the hotspots of marine litter in the context of a specific case study country. The project will also facilitate the identification of knowledge gaps and potential instruments related to preventing and minimizing marine pollution resulting from waste. By applying the hotspots analysis under the life cycle thinking, targeted solutions can address the systematic problem related to marine plastics, while avoiding potential trade-offs when adopting solutions only solving part of the problems.

To apply, please read carefully the Call for Proposals document and complete the corresponding application form. Completed forms must be submitted via email to sandra.averous(at) and; CC: dtie.intern11-ruchitodi(at)

The max. budget for this project is 75,000 USD. Deadline for submission is 17h00 CET Friday 24 November 2017.

Call for proposals

Download the application form and submit by 24.11.17 at 17:00 CET

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